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Residence permits: all you need to know – Umbria Integra

Residence permits: all you need to know

The presence of foreigners on Italian territory for long periods is regulated through various types of “residence permits”, from tourism to those issued  during the other procedures. The permits are assigned in different forms by evaluating  parameters including:  income, years of residence in Italy and reason for the request.

The type of permission that guarantees the most wide spectrum of rights is the  EU permit for long-term residents , which has replaced the residence card since 2007. To obtain it, you have to meet a series of requirements: being resident in Italy for at least 5 years, getting to know Italian and demonstrating it through a test , live in a house that the ASL (local health unit) considers  suitable from the hygienic-sanitary point of view and have a an income.

In order to get the residence permit, a form must be completed, available free of charge at the post offices, attaching all the documents it requires. After having done this step, you can always check the status of your request online.

For children under the age of 14, it is not possible to do the application independently, in this case it will be the parent’s responsibility to register their child on their residence permit.

Another requirement of fundamental importance is the knowledge of the Italian language (at least A2) .The certified knowledge is obtained after passing a language proficiency test.

In Umbria, there are 8 institutions where it is possible to take the exam to obtain official certification:

Scuola Media D. ALIGHIERI – Via della Tina, 12 – 06012 CITTÀ DI CASTELLO (PG)

Scuola Media A. VOLUMNIO –  Via Cestellini, 3 – 06135 P.te San Giovanni PERUGIA (PG)

Scuola Media L. PIANCIANI – Via A. Ricci, 8 – 06049 SPOLETO (PG)

Direzione Didattica DOMENICO TITTARELLI –  V.le Don Bosco, 1  – 06023 GUALDO TADINO (PG)

C.T.P. Via Scuole Arti e Mestieri – 06034 FOLIGNO (PG)

C.T.P. VALLI Via del Parco, 13 – 05036 NARNI (TR)

C.T.P. ALLERONA – Via S. Abbondio, 1 – 05010 ALLERONA SCALO (TR)

C.T.P. I.P.S.I.A. – Viale B. Brin, 32 – TERNI (TR)

These listed are public bodies that allow migrants to take the language proficiency exam giving also the possibility to attend a language course.

The EU permit for long-term residents , gives a series of rights more than the ordinary residence permit: it is possible to return to Italy without a visa, carry out any type of work activity and access the services and services of the Public Administration (including the possibility of obtaining an accommodation (public housing)).

It can be revoked only in specific cases, among which the absence from the territory of the European Union for 12 consecutive months or from the national territory for six years. Within these time limits, however, it is possible to enter and leave Italy, staying out even a few months without losing the chance to return.

The other types of permissions all have a deadline and they must be renewed periodically. Among the types of permits most used by those who do not hold the citizenship but live permanently in Italy for years, we enumerate:  the work permits, familiar ones and those for study. The type of work permits are mainly two: for employees  or  autonomous workers .

For employees, the duration of the permit depends on the type of contract: two years if the contract is permanent, one if it is a fixed term contract. The residence permit for self-employment lasts two years and can be converted into a residence permit for subordinate work if the conditions change.
Residence permit for  family reasons  it is issued to the relatives of the foreign citizen regularly resident in Italy with an income suitable for the sustenance of the family unit and a house deemed adequate.

The   issue of residence permit  for study purposes  can be given to non-EU citizens who want to come to study  in Italy (after obtaining a study visa from the Italian diplomatic representation in their country of origin/residence), but also to new-borns living in Italy without citizenship and   regularly enrolled in a university course: in this case they will have to convert their residence permit for family reasons into a study permit. The permit must be renewed annually, presenting the passport, the documentation that certifies the disposal of adequate financial resources, a copy of the insurance policy (or the voluntary subscription to the SSN)  and the certification attesting at least one passed exam in the first year and two for the following years.

All holders of these residence permits can: go and stay  in other countries in the Schengen area – but only for periods shorter than three months – without having to present a visa at the entrance and apply for the granting of citizenship after 10 years of legal and uninterrupted residence in Italy.

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